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  ( Posted by admin on  2004.10.06, 05:22,  Hits : 116 )
[Oct 5] Dream Act - Urgent Action Needed

Urgent Action Needed!

http://capwiz.com/nclr/home/.  When you get to the site, enter your zip code in the Elected Officials box and click go, then click on the DREAM Act alert to send a message to your Senator in time for Thursday’s Committee meeting.

CONTACT your Senators in the Senate Judiciary Committee and urge them to support the DREAM Act as part of the Department of Justice Appropriations Authorization Act (S.2863)!

The DREAM Act - bipartisan legislation that would remove barriers to education and provide a path toward legal residency for immigrant students lacking immigration status- has been reintroduced by Senator Hatch as part of the the Department of Justice Appropriations Authorization Act (DOJ) -S.2863.  This could be very promising!

The House has already passed its DOJ authorization bill.  So, if the Senate DOJ bill, with DREAM attached, passes out of committee and out of the Senate, the DREAM Act will be at a greater advantage and further along in the legislative process.

The Senate Judiciary Committee could consider the DOJ bill as early as Tuesday, October 5th.  During this mark-up session Senators on the Committee will be able to Committee to ensure that they fully support the DREAM Act during mark up.

·        If your Senator is on the Senate Judiciary Committee CALL them and deliver the following message: (the list of Senators on the Committee and their numbers are attached)

“I’m calling to urge the Senator to SUPPORT the DREAM Act in the Judiciary Committee on Tuesday and any amendments that would help immigrant students.  I also urge the Senator to OPPOSE any amendments that would make the DREAM Act more restrictive for immigrant students.”

ALSO send them an email by visiting NCLR’s website at http://capwiz.com/nclr/home/ .

(To send them a message you MUST enter your zipcode in the box marked “Elected Officials”)

·        If your Senator is NOT on the Judiciary Committee CALL the White House comment line (202-456-1111) and deliver the following message:

“I support the DREAM Act and am disappointed that the President has been silent on the issue.  It is no longer acceptable for him to sit on the fence as the futures of thousands of students are being curtailed”

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