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  ( Posted by admin on  2004.08.11, 03:38,  Hits : 148 )
[Aug 2004] Congressional Resolution Against Filipino Deportation should be Passed Immediately

For Immediate Release
Contact: Jay Mendoza, FOCUS, 408-297-1977, [email protected]


"House Resolution No. 103 recognizes the gross discrimination and injustice being meted out to Filipinos being deported from the United States," said Jay Mendoza, Executive Director of FOCUS, regarding a resolution filed on August 5, 2004 in the Thirteenth Congress of the First Regular Session of the Republic of the Philippines.

"The concern here is political retaliation," he said regarding the 84 Filipinos who were deported by the U.S. government a few days after the Philippines pulled-out its 51-member contingent from Iraq.

The resolution calls for the Philippine Embassy to communicate and express to the U.S. government its "deep concern and indignation over reports that the US government and its agencies are targeting 300,000 Filipinos for deportation in the coming weeks in supposed retaliation for the Philippine government's decision to pull out the Philippine's 51-member contingent from Iraq," as stated by the Resolution.

"We stand firmly behind the resolution," said Robyn Rodriguez, of the former Cuevas Support Committee.  "We applaud the stand that Philippine Congressional Representatives are taking on behalf of their Filipino kababayan (country persons) in the U.S. "

"Moreover, we challenge American legislators to follow the Philippine example in their own government, especially regarding U.S. Congressional Reps who have large Filipino constituencies and the U.S.-Philippine Friendship Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives," said Rodriguez.

The proposed Republic of the Philippines House Resolution 103 explicitly cited the Cuevas Family deportation case and acknowledged the over 200 organizations and over 3000 petitioners who came to the aid of the family. Yet the U.S. government was bent on their deportation.

The resolution was filed by Rep. Crispin B. Beltran and Rep. Rafael V. Mariano of Anakpawis Party List, Rep. Roseller L. Barinaga of 2nd District Zamboanga del Norte, Rep. Liza L. Maza of Gabriela Women's Party, and Rep. Rep. Satur C. Ocampo, Rep. Joel G. Virador and Rep. Teodoro A. Casino of Bayan Muna Party List.

The complete title of the proposed resolution is: Resolution Expressing The House Of Representatives' Deep Concern And Indignation Over Reports That The Us Government Is Targetting To Expel 300,000 Filipinos  In The Coming Weeks In Supposed Retaliation For The Philippine Government's Decision To Pull Out The RP 51-Member Contingent From Iraq And Communicate This Sentiment To The Us Government Through Its Embassy In The Philippines.


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FOCUS (Filipino Community Support)
525 W. Alma Ave.
San Jose, CA  95125
408-297-1978 fax
[email protected]

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