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About KSC

Korea Solidarity Committee (KSC) is a group of progressive Korean American activists, students and artists in the Bay Area. We work towards social and economic justice, genuine peace and human rights as part of the larger movement for social change. Through community education and activism, KSC builds a progressive movement based on principles of solidarity among our local communities, the Korean peninsula, and the larger global community.


KSC's work on North Korea began in early 2003 with a desire to debunk the racist portrayals of North Korea, and to present a more critical perspective on the continuing North Korean nuclear crisis.

March 2003:
Organized the "North Korea Demystified" community forum
Published a North Korea leaflet in War Times

May 2003:
Worked with the Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (CHRP) in organizing a Korea Philippines Solidarity Forum to discuss connections between the Philippines and South/North Korea.
Organized a series of study groups, including famine and human rights.

July 2003:
Our work combines community education with political action. We organized a local petition drive in the Bay Area to push for a congressional resolution for peace in Korea, and collected almost 1200 signatures in only 4 days. We concluded the campaign with a powerful commemorative vigil in San Francisco, which received wide media coverage.

KSC member Christine Ahn's op-ed, "Peace: the real solution to famine in North Korea," has been widely distributed.

November 2003:
Working with members of the Alliance of Scholars Concerned about Korea, KSC organized a Korea Peace Day event in November at UC Berkeley, and an educational forum addressing North Korean human rights issues at the Otterstedt Insurance Agency, just outside of NYC.

With GABRIELA and Nikkeis for Peace Justice, and APICAW, we organized a series of three study sessions on gendered perspectives on militarism as part of preparation for Peace Day 2004.

And ongoing...
Currently, KSC is working with Korean Americans United for Peace (KAUP) in the North Korean Legislative Task Force to impact policy. Women's Peace Day 2004 is coming up on July 9, at the historic Women's Building in San Francisco.