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[Nov 20] Our Voice, Our Time, Oakland Museum of California
[Oct 8] ON THE PATH TO LIBERATION - Women's Report Back from the Philippines

Solidarity Calls

[Mar 4, 2005] Intl Women's Day Vigil
[Feb 2005] Solidarity call from Women Making Peace
[Oct 5] Dream Act - Urgent Action Needed
[Sep 26] Intl Allies Launch ILPS Sun 9/26 in Oakland!
[Aug 2004] Congressional Resolution Against Filipino Deportation should be Passed Immediately

In the News...

SF Korea Daily: KSC's Korean language classes for adults a huge success
[OhMyNews] KSC member Christine Ahn speaks on NK human rights
Korea Daily 10/28: "There's no difference in North Korea Policy" (between Kerry & Bush)
SF Korea Times: NKHRA is a cover for regime change
SF Korea Daily: UC Berkeley North Korea Awareness Coverage

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Korean Language Classes to begin on Feb 23

After successfully completing our first beginner-level Korean language classes, Korea Solidarity Committee (KSC) will be coordinating a second round of classes beginning on February 23.??There are a few changes around this time. We've decided to extend the duration of the course to 8 meetings in total (once a week, for 2 hours each), and we will not be offering intermediate level classes for this round. Please ask if you have questions about level placement.

BEGINNERS 1 - For Korean Americans with little-to-no speaking proficiency. We'll begin with the alphabet and basic syntax, but it would be helpful to have some exposure to speaking Korean.

BEGINNERS 2 - For Korean Americans with basic speaking proficiency. (Recommended for those who want to expand their vocabulary.) Please ask if you have questions about level placement.

DATE (all classes)
WednesdayS, 2/23/05 - 4/13/05 (8 classes)
7:00 - 9:00pm

Niebyl-Proctor Library
6501 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609
(*Second floor, near the corner of Telegraph and Alcatraz)

$100 for KSC members, students, or low-income folks, and $150 for the general public. Enrollment is limited, and spaces fill up very fast, so register ASAP! Email [email protected] with your name, email address, phone number, and class choice.

End the Occupation - US and Korea Out of Iraq Now!

We stand in solidarity with the people of Iraq, who yearn for peace, sovereignty, and true democracy just as many of us do in the U.S. Millions of Koreans in the north and south, and throughout the diaspora, urge the U.S. to help, rather than hinder, efforts to forge a future of peace. We call on all allies to support us in building true democracy in Korea, in Iraq, in the United States, and throughout the world. See photo album from a recent anti-war rally, which was organized by ICNJ.com

North Korea Human Rights Act (NKHRA) passes

The North Korea Human Rights Act (H.R. 4011 - READ BILL) passed and approved by Congress on October 4, 2004, impedes current peace, reconciliation, and reunification efforts underway on the Korean peninsula.

We are deeply concerned about the allegations of human rights abuses and the continuing plight of North Korean refugees. However, we believe that attempts to link human rights with security concerns will not improve the lives of North Koreans. Instead, they will jeopardize ongoing peace negotiations and actually worsen the human rights. Humanitarian efforts like food and medical aid should be the priority in any effort to alleviate the suffering of North Korean refugees.

Women Speak Out Against Militarism

Women's Peace Day

In collaboration with GABRIELA Network, Nikkeis for Peace & Justice, and Asian Pacific Islanders Coalition Against the War, Korea Solidarity Committee presented an evening of fun, food, education, and music to celebrate women's voices speaking out on the impact of US foreign policy decisions and military presence in Okinawa, Korea, and the Philippines.

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